SPN Well Services

At A Glance

SPN Well Services - One of North America's Leading Oilfield Service Providers

SPN Well Services provides a complementary suite of completion and production services, including well services, drilling services, rig manufacturing, and fishing & equipment rentals, designed to improve our customer’s ability to develop hydrocarbon reserves, reduce costs and enhance production.

SPN Well Services has established a significant presence in the unconventional oil and gas plays in North America that display the highest potential for long-term growth.

Our success is based on a solid foundation of knowledge - both of the North American marketplace and the local resource plays in which we operate, a commitment to operational excellence and workplace safety. A regional focus enables our employees to effectively identify and address the needs of our customers, often improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing production.

We invest the time and training necessary to ensure skilled, knowledgeable employees are working in the safest environments possible. We also invest in the most technologically advanced and modern equipment, and empower our skilled workforce to deliver exceptional execution in the field for our customers.

With more than 2,500 employees working in the most active resource plays in North America, SPN Well Services offers local leadership, basin-level experience and leading-edge technologies. Through its various product and service offerings, SPN Well Services is able to provide customers with the highest level of quality and service.

SPN Well Services takes training to the field

With its mobile training units now deployed throughout its operations, SPN Well Services can customize its training regimen to fit the needs of employees who are conducting work at the well site.