SPN Well Services - HSE

Safety for Employees, Customers, the Public, the Environment

SPN Well Services is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, the public and the environment. Our programs provide a proactive approach emphasizing the anticipation and prevention of hazards and incidents. SPN Well Services strives for continuous improvement in our health, safety and environmental performance and firmly believes our commitment adds value to our employees and customers.

Safety Management Processes

Our safety management processes are based on a goal setting philosophy rather than a regimented and prescriptive approach. Our mission is to foster a safety culture where everyone takes responsibility for their safety, the safety of others, and the well being of the environment. The safety process introduced throughout the company focuses on the goal of making safety a habit for all employees. The key to success in this mission is management commitment at every level.

We support a responsible approach to protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees, customers, and the areas where we work. While environmental programs may vary depending on the location and processes, all divisions, facilities and locations will endeavor to ensure their activities comply with applicable regulatory requirements. If no clear authority exists, the Company will utilize best management practices to safeguard the environment and protect all personnel. Elements of our HSE policy that support our mission include:

SPN Well Services has implemented programs for managing safety and environmental matters with a focus on the assignment of responsibilities and legal compliance throughout all our operations. We set broad safety and environmental expectations and provide a framework within which management can achieve our safety and environmental goals, while allowing sufficient flexibility for our operating entities to achieve their goals in a manner that best suits their particular operations.

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