SPN Well Services

Intervention Services

Intervention Services

SPN Well Services offers a wide range of well site intervention services, such as rig assist, as well as:


Through our well completion services, we prepare wells for production. The process usually lasts anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on well conditions. We are known in the industry for having the latest equipment, well-trained personnel, years of experience and a strong safety record.

Well Servicing

Our fleet of well service rigs boasts a large number of new or newly reconstructed units which provide a variety of completion, workover and maintenance services such as installations, completions, assistance with perforating, removing defective equipment and sidetracking wells. We provide well service rig operations to our customers in the most active basins in North America.


After a well has been drilled, a workover crew may need to perform functions which require “killing” the well. Heavy liquids are placed down the well bore, stopping hydrocarbons from producing. Once the well needs to begin flowing again, it may be necessary to swab the well.

Swabbing is accomplished by placing a rubber plunge down the well bore. The swab is then pulled back toward the top of the well bore, reducing the pressure below it, and removing the liquids that were previously placed to kill the well. Swabbing may also be done after a well has been in production for some time, such as when the formation is producing water and applying pressure on the bottom hole. SPN Well Services currently has 10 swabbing units based out of Kingsville, Texas and Rock Springs, Texas.


After the well is completed and put online, incremental value is realized by optimizing production and managing produced fluids in a more efficient and effective manner. Our production optimization services help our customers extend the lifespan and output of their aging wells. Declines in production may result from liquid loading, reduced bottom-hole pressure or improper wellbore designs. We can assist by identifying wells with the potential for greater output, designing solutions, executing on the job site and following up to ensure continued performance. Through our extensive experience and use of technology, we are able to offer well recovery and ongoing service for our customers.

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